Aviation Light Monitoring

Aviation Light Monitoring

The On-Ramp RPMA Network Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) eliminates the need for companies with tower assets to visually inspect obstruction lights. This leads to significant operational savings and a detailed audit trail of light status and automated notification of alarms and events. The RMU is tested and proven in harsh outdoor utility environments typical of high voltage transmission lines and substations. Replacing manual inspection with remote automated light monitoring dramatically saves costs and improves operating efficiency.

Proven Reliable Monitoring

The RPMA Network RMU is and easily adaptable solution that easily enables compliance with FAA regulations improves safety and reduces costs. Some of the features of the RMU include:

  • Wireless monitoring of obstruction lighting to support compliance with FAA regulations.
  • Flexible design enables the monitoring of numerous light types through industry-standard interfaces.
  • Automatic detection and alarm notification of light outages. Outages alarms are received within minutes.
  • 24/7 operations anywhere in the world with automatic recognition of night and day time at any latitude.
  • Low power design uses aviation light’s solar power or a 120VAC source for power.
  • Back-up battery for continued operation during main battery failure.
  • Tested and guaranteed in high EMF and EMI environments typical in up to 500KV transmission lines and substations.

Industry Standard Light Support

The RPMA Network RMU includes support for the following industry standard light types:

  • Dialight L810 RTO 12VDC Red LED Light Head (Part Number: RTO-1R08-002)
  • Crouse-Hinds® 120VAC Red Incandescent
  • Dialight L810 860 120VAC Red LED (Part Number: 860-1RO1-002)
  • Dialight D64 Series Red Medium Intensity Beacon (D464-A13-001)
  • Avlite® 125C Red LED 100%/Red LED 25%/IR

In addition to these industry standard light types, the RMU can be configured to support additional lights and even other kinds of equipment. Please contact On-Ramp sales to find out more about how the On-Ramp RPMA Network RMU can improve safety and reduce costs.