Advanced Metering

The On-Ramp RPMA Network is a breakthrough in low power, wide-area machine-to-machine communication for residential and commercial metering. Through partnerships with industry leaders like GE, Landis+Gyr, and Vision Metering, our RPMA Network can support state-of-the-art smart metering capabilities on the same network infrastructure that supports grid automation. Only the RPMA Network has the range, capacity and security to cover all of your devices and meters on a single network. Meters on the On-Ramp RPMA Network support all of your critical Smart Grid features including:

  • Perform direct register reads
  • Do on-demand meter reads, meter connect/disconnect, and meter configuration
  • Receive real-time meter outage and restoration alerts

On-Ramp meter integration is done via our generic Meter Communication Module which enables rapid integration into new or existing electric meters. Read our Solution Brief: Advanced Metering Infrastructure for more information.

On-Ramp Total View

With a single network that supports smart meters, grid automation, demand response and all of your M2M devices, you get total visibility into your smart grid. On-Ramp’s web-based Total View offers the user interface to manage and monitor all of these devices. Offered as a fully hosted managed service or as part of our managed appliance, the Total View application enables real-time monitoring and management including remote disconnect, demand read, load shedding, remote configuration as well as a breadth of alarms to ensure complete operational visibility. For AMI applications Total View supports billing integration via numerous industry standard formats including NISC as well as functional MDMS integration via MultiSpeak and IEC61968-9. Total View also has a complete XML API for enterprise integration including Oracle’s Outage Management System and OSISoft’s PI Historian.

Smart Meters Powered by On-Ramp

General Electric GE i210+

The GE i210+ is the base meter in GE’s solid-state metering platform. When used with the On-Ramp RPMA Network it provides a next generation AMI solution. This meter has an installed base of several million units and has one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. The On-Ramp equipped i210+ meter meets or exceeds ANSI industry standards with 50 or 60 Hz models available to operate at 120vac and 240vac for Class 20, Class 100, Class 200 and Class 320 socket based residential or commercial installations.

General Electric GE i210+C

The GE i210+C is the most advanced residential smart meter available from GE. The i210+C smart meter coupled with On-Ramp RPMA Network enables complete metering visibility, today and into the future. This residential meter was derived from the GE commercial and industrial product line. It has advanced metrology capability refined through 10 years of solid state metering experience. It delivers advanced poly-phase functionality coupled with a full suite of AMI features.

General Electric GE kV2C

The GE kV2c meter is designed for revenue class metering in commercial and industrial applications. The kV2c meter equipped to operate on the On-Ramp RPMA Network moves beyond revenue metering to real time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information on a polyphase or a single phase circuit, there is an kV2c meter configuration powered by the RPMA Network to meet your needs.

General Electric GE SGM3000

The GE SGM3000 advanced metering product line now provides an IEC AMI solution on the On-Ramp RPMA Network. This line of IEC residential and commercial/industrial smart metering products was designed to integrate easily and provide the critical information needed to optimize grid operation.

Fastest Return-On-Investment (ROI)

The On-Ramp RPMA Network offers unmatched reach, capacity, and range enabling network coverage for all meters for a dramatically lower cost than competing solutions. The simple star topology enables very accurate network planning, rapid and flexible deployment scheduling, and lower operations and maintenance costs than mesh. The lowest total cost of ownership combined with rapid realization of advanced metering benefits yields the fasted ROI in the industry.

Complete Deployment Flexibility

The high capacity and long range of the On-Ramp technology requires minimal network infrastructure for urban, suburban or rural locations. Operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band, a single On-Ramp RPMA Network Access Point can cover 400 square miles when deployed on a communication tower, building or hilltop.

Each meter communicates directly with one or more APs and operates independently of all other meters in the network. Unlike a mesh network, this makes consumer opt-in/opt-out easy, and allows for phased deployment. Phased deployments also mean parallel operation of the On-Ramp RPMA Network with legacy systems is possible. For example, a utility can initially target specific communities with advanced metering and phase in remaining territories over time.