Advanced Metering

The On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Network is the first wireless network designed from the ground up for low power, wide-area machine-to-machine communication. With unprecedented range and capacity, the On-Ramp RPMA Network has dramatically reduced network infrastructure costs versus competing solutions. That means lowest total cost of ownership and fastest return-on-investment for AMI projects. On-Ramp supports a number of industry leading smart meters and MDM integrations that provide AMI features including on-demand reads, remote connect/disconnect, and power fail notifications. The On-Ramp RPMA Network is also the only network that allows complete flexibility in deployment – the star topology supports opt-in and partial deployments as well as gradual migration from legacy systems. With the RPMA Network’s unmatched -142 dBm receive sensitivity and 172 dB link budget, all utility assets and meters can be reached – even underground or in noisy environments. With unmatched performance coupled with complete deployment flexibility, a utility can rapidly see operational efficiencies with lowest TCO and fastest ROI. LEARN MORE >

Grid Automation

An On-Ramp RPMA Network delivers a cost-effective Grid Automation solution that meets the present and future demands on the electrical grid. With a deployed RPMA Network, utilities of all sizes can tune energy distribution, find faults and trouble spots faster, and avoid outages with proactive condition based maintenance. With rapid and flexible deployment, the lowest total cost of ownership, and flexible support for a multi-use network, On-Ramp delivers where technologies like mesh and cellular have fallen short. Only the On-Ramp RPMA Network has the reach, capacity, and security to power both AMI and grid automation on a single network. LEARN MORE >

Aviation Light Monitoring

Utilities with tower assets have significant regulatory and financial liability associated with managing their aviation warning lights. Only On-Ramp’s RPMA Network Aviation Light Monitoring solution has the reach, capacity, and security to manage all of a utility’s assets. With On-Ramp you have one network for smart metering, grid automation and warning light monitoring. Having a single network covering all utility assets guarantees the lowest TCO and the fastest ROI of any wireless system. LEARN MORE >

Demand Response

Whether emergency or price driven, the ability to moderate peak demand is a critical component of smart grid operations management. On-Ramp’s RPMA Network can be used to control load shedding equipment without impacting metering or grid automation. Having a single network covering all utility assets guarantees the lowest TCO and the fastest ROI of any wireless system.

Street Light Control

Smart Lighting is the next frontier of smart grid enabling full remote control and monitoring of public lights. Only On-Ramp’s RPMA Network has the capacity to manage street lights and meters as well as your grid automation and demand response infrastructure on the same network. Visibility into street light operation enables condition based maintenance, remote operation for safety and security and the ability to adjust and manage lighting options based on the public’s need.