The On-Ramp Total Reach Network has been designed for wide-area machine-to-machine (M2M) monitoring, and its simple design and minimal field infrastructure cost-effectively cover instrumentation throughout exploration and production facilities. The industry leading coverage and capacity provided by the On-Ramp Total Reach Network gives oil and gas companies a new tool in the continuing effort to optimize operations, provide a more secure work environment and a more environmentally safe delivery of energy.

Connect Anything

On-Ramp Wireless’s Total Reach Network and the constellation of devices Connected by On-Ramp enable complete pipeline and oilfield visibility. Total Reach Network is the only network designed for wide area M2M communication that can support millions of low bitrate devices transmitting periodically. A large portion of field applications require a low data rate and report condition and status infrequently. For these applications, a low-cost and secure network infrastructure with wide-area coverage, long device battery-life, and the capacity to support millions of devices in the field is the right solution. Available sensors for the Total Reach Network include pressure, temperature, flow rate, cathodic protection, hazardous gas and GPS tracking. These sensors integrate with an ecosystem of Remote IO devices that are Connected by On-Ramp.

Connect Anywhere

In a joint project funded by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and in partnership with multiple Southern California investor owned utilities, the On-Ramp Wireless Total Reach Network has been proven to penetrate below ground from distances up to a mile. The On-Ramp Total Reach Network reliably covers back country and remote locations where cellular is non-existent or unreliable, as well as dense tropical environments where natural obstructions pose interference challenges for most wireless technologies. In addition to consistently providing this industry-leading coverage, On-Ramp Wireless’s network planning techniques produce highly accurate network prediction – especially important when planning capital requirements for such difficult terrain and environment challenges. Only On-Ramp Total Reach Network can cover millions of devices, located anywhere – even underground.

Remote IO Devices Connected by On-Ramp

General Electric GE WiYZ

The GE WiYZ™ Remote is an industrial wireless solution for monitoring discrete and analog signals from directly connected sensors and other signaling devices. The C1/D2 certified device provides robust, versatile communications even in harsh environments and at sites with limited power and communication facilities. Sensors in pilot today are methane gas detection and valve control. Key features of the WiYZ Remote include:

  • 2 digital inputs and outputs
  • 2 analog (4-20 mA or 1-5V) inputs and outputs
  • Provides sensor power and supports adjustable sensor warm-up time
  • Selectable Publish Rate of 4.8 Minutes to 24 Hours
  • Event based alarms, including variable high and low thresholds
  • Configurable to provide low power consumption for self-powered battery operation; available with internal rechargeable battery system
  • Fully packaged assembly including an antenna, battery, RF transceiver and NEMA-4 enclosure
  • Rapid deployment and low setup cost—minimal manual configuration required

The WiYZ Remote’s self-contained design allows for quick installation and deployment without the need for additional accessories, and supports over-the-air firmware upgrades.

KONČAR Electronics and Informatics Inc (INEM) – KONWPT

The wireless pressure transmitter KONWPT is part of the wireless pipeline pressure monitoring system. The KONWPT is a battery powered autonomous unit for pipeline pressure measurement. Measuring data is sent over the On-Ramp Total Reach Network, and can be sent through the Koncar Modbus Gateway to the pipeline monitoring center. A few of the KONWPT features include:

  • Wireless Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
  • Converts measured data in the current between 4 and 20 mA
  • Event-based alarming on pressure levels
  • Battery-powered with autonomy of several years
  • ATEX certified, C1/D1 certification pending

The KONČAR KONWPT is available now for pressure sensing a other oil field sensor applications.

SignalCraft Technologies Canary Remote Monitoring Unit

The SC6310 is a Remote Monitoring Unit targeted at low rate wireless data applications requiring exceptional range or capacity and long battery life. It provides wireless connectivity with a stand-alone device that greatly simplifies installation and helps minimize infrastructure costs. Current sensors in pilot include cathodic protection, flow monitoring, and pressure monitoring. With proper configuration, a battery life of several years can be expected. For high-usage applications, the SC6310 supports an external power source, in which case the internal battery is configured as a backup supply. A few of the SC6310 features include:

  • 1 RS-232 Serial Communication port
  • 4 digital channels with software configurable direction; outputs mode supports open drain
  • 4 analog channels with optional ranges:
    • 4-20 mA sensors
    • -5 to +20Vdc voltage monitor
    • -10 to +50 Vdc voltage monitor
    • Optional external 5 to 28V supply input
  • Event based alarms, including high and low thresholds
  • NEMA 4X rated, IP66 enclosure with flexible mounting options
  • Multi-year battery life

On-Ramp Wireless Remote Monitoring Unit

Available pre-configured for Aviation Light Monitoring the On-Ramp Wireless Total Reach Network RMU, can also be configured to monitor generic electrical loads to provide RTU functionality over the Total Reach Network.

  • Reduces utility O&M costs and insurance liability
  • Full functionality at a fraction of the costs of competing solutions
  • Field tested in high EMF and EMI environments typical in transmission towers and substations (up to 500kV)
  • RMU is a flexible monitoring platform that can measure analog and digital signals from variety of sensors

The On-Ramp RMU can be customized and deployed now for oil field sensor applications.

On-Ramp Wireless Total View

With a single network that supports all your M2M devices for pipeline integrity, well head monitoring, asset tracking and condition based maintenance you get total visibility into your digital oilfield operations. On-Ramp Wireless’s web based Total View offers the user-interface to manage and monitor all of these devices. Offered as a fully hosted managed service or as part of our managed appliance, the Total View interface enables real-time monitoring and management as well as a breadth of alarms to ensure complete operational visibility.  Total View also has a complete XML API for enterprise integration via web services or JMS.

Fastest Return on Investment

On-Ramp Wireless’s Total Reach Network offers industry-leading capacity and range, providing communications for all devices in field at significantly reduced cost of network infrastructure. The simple star topology enables very accurate network planning, rapid and flexible deployment scheduling, and lower operations and maintenance costs than competing technologies. On-Ramp offers a fully managed service as well as a remotely managed back-office appliance to get up and running rapidly. The lowest total cost of ownership combined with rapid realization of wide-area field operation monitoring accelerates the ROI for the On-Ramp Total Reach Network solution.

Longest Battery Life

Designed for low bitrate applications, the On-Ramp Total Reach Network enables unmatched endpoint battery life. Devices without access to line power can operate for 20+ years, and powered grid devices with backup batteries can continue to perform in the event of a catastrophic power outage event. Total Reach Network field infrastructure can be deployed with primary or backup solar/battery systems, further extending the range energy companies can monitor their critical assets.