SDG&E is using On-Ramp Total Reach Network to build a “self-healing” Smart Grid

February 1, 2013

San Diego Gas & Electric has announced a broad-plan to roll-out On-Ramp Total Reach Network to build a “self healing” smart grid. By using On-Ramp’s network SDG&E can connect all of their grid assets with the Total Reach Networks unmatched reach, capacity and security.

…By using an efficient broad-based wireless network provided by a local San Diego company called On-Ramp Wireless, the fault detectors…immediately send alarms to grid operators if a problem occurs anywhere along the power lines. Instead of the time-consuming process of dispatching crews in the field to look for faults on electric wires during an outage, SDG&E will know where the outage occurred on the electric line and can quickly send crews to that location based on the automatic wireless signals sent by these devices. SDG&E has installed 2,000 of these devices throughout the region and intends to install 10,000 by 2017…

Read the Press Release:“self-healing”