On-Ramp RPMA Network

The On-Ramp RPMA Network is the first wireless network designed from the ground up for low power, wide-area machine-to-machine communication (M2M). Other wireless networks including cellular and mesh lack the reach, capacity, and scalability of the On-Ramp RPMA Network. On-Ramp’s patented RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology is what enables the unprecedented reach, capacity, and scalability of the network

“On-Ramp’s RPMA is as significant an innovation for M2M communication as CDMA was for traditional cellular.”
– Dr. Andrew Viterbi, CTO Qualcomm and On-Ramp Advisory Board Member

The On-Ramp RPMA Network operates in the ISM band and is globally free spectrum – there are no spectrum fees or regulatory overhead.

With unprecedented range and capacity come dramatically reduced network infrastructure costs. An On-Ramp RPMA Network Access Point can cover 400 sq miles when elevated on a communication tower, building or hilltop. Each RPMA Network Access Point can handle (depending on data requirements) over 16,000 end-points. This translates to dramatically less network infrastructure and dramatically faster return on investment. San Diego Gas & Electric has complete coverage of their 4,500 sq. mile territory and all of their critical assets with only 34 RPMA Network Access Points deployed. The On-Ramp RPMA Network means faster deployments, faster ROI and lower TCO.

Connect Anywhere

RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) is a fundamental wireless innovation that changes the game for wide-area M2M communication. The On-Ramp Wireless communications system is powered by RPMA technology and is the only wide-area M2M network capable of -142 dBm receive sensitivity and the only network with 172 dB of link-budget. It is this incredible receive sensitivity and link-budget that enables the the RPMA Network to reach all meters and critical assets – urban, rural, or even underground.

The On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Network has been proven to penetrate below ground from distances up to one mile. There is no other low power, wide-area M2M wireless technology on the planet that can do that. Underground coverage has been proven in a joint project funded by the United States Department of Energy and in partnership with multiple Southern California investor owned utilities. Only the On-Ramp Wireless can cover thousands of devices, over hundreds of square miles and even underground – that is the RPMA Network.

Connect Anything

The On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Network is the only network with 172 dB of link-budget and -142 dBm receive sensitivity. This step forward in wireless technology for wide-area M2M means the same network that securely carriers meter data can carry distribution automation data. The same network that carries pipeline integrity data can carry well-head status data. The same network that carries demand response data can carry voltage readings. Deploying one network for all meter and sensor applications means dramatically lower TCO and much faster ROI.

Fastest ROI, Made Faster

To accelerate deployment, On-Ramp offers a Managed Service option for companies looking to get the fastest possible return-on-investment. Our managed service offers a 99.99% uptime SLA in a fully redundant, secure data center managed by a team of IT and wireless professionals. Scale your deployment quickly by leveraging On-Ramp’s managed service. You focus on your business, and On-Ramp focuses on building and managing your network rapidly to get you the fastest ROI and the lowest TCO.

Designed from the ground-up for wide-area M2M communication On-Ramp Wireless can scale from single AP deployments for campus or local networks, up to metro or regional deployments of tens of millions of end-points and thousands of access points.

Turn-key Hardware

For customers that require hardware on-site in their data center, we offer a back-office Managed Appliance option. Available in a variety of configurations based on your performance and management needs, the Managed Appliance enables remote management of your network so you can stay focused on your business.

On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Access Point

On-Ramp Wireless’s RPMA Access Point is available in a variety of standard configurations including solar powered, rack-mountable and OEM packaging. On-Ramp’s deployment services team will work with you on your network plan, deployment siting and setup. One RPMA Access Point can cover over 400 square miles when deployed on a communication tower, building, or hilltop. Each RPMA Access Point communicates in a simple and efficient star topology with over 16,000 endpoints (depending on data usage). With built-in security, dynamic failover, IP network management, and simple provisioning the RPMA Access Point provides wide-area M2M networking with the fastest return on investment and the lowest total cost of ownership.

On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Node

The On-Ramp Wireless RPMA Node is the modem for On-Ramp RPMA Network.  The On-Ramp RPMA Node offers a standard SPI interface for rapid integration with metrology and sensor hardware. On-Ramp offers a complete reference platform for developers interested in getting Connected by On-Ramp.