CONNECTED BY ON-RAMP The On-Ramp Total Reach Network is the first wireless network designed from the ground up to power wide-area machine-to-machine communication. Other wireless networks including cellular and mesh lack the reach, capacity and scalability of the OTR Network. With -142 dBm receive sensitivity and 172 dB of link-budget, On-Ramp’s Total Reach Network can connect anything, and anywhere - even underground. From industries as diverse as electric distribution and asset tracking, to water management and demand response the ecosystem of M2M applications and devices Power by On-Ramp is rapidly growing.

Generic Devices for M2M

General Electric GE WiYZ

The GE WiYZ™ Remote is an industrial wireless solution for monitoring discrete and analog signals from directly connected sensors and other signaling devices. The C1/D2 certified device provides robust, versatile communications even in harsh environments and at sites with limited power and communication facilities. Sensors in pilot today are methane gas detection and valve control. Key features of the WiYZ Remote include:

  • 2 digital inputs and outputs
  • 2 analog (4-20 mA or 1-5V) inputs and outputs
  • Provides sensor power and supports adjustable sensor warm-up time
  • Selectable Publish Rate of 4.8 Minutes to 24 Hours
  • Event based alarms, including variable high and low thresholds
  • Configurable to provide low power consumption for self-powered battery operation; available with internal rechargeable battery system
  • Fully packaged assembly including an antenna, battery, RF transceiver and NEMA-4 enclosure
  • Rapid deployment and low setup cost—minimal manual configuration required

The WiYZ Remote’s self-contained design allows for quick installation and deployment without the need for additional accessories, and supports over-the-air firmware upgrades.

KONWPT Pressure Sensor

The wireless pressure transmitter KONWPT is part of the wireless pipeline pressure monitoring system. The KONWPT is a battery powered autonomous unit for pipeline pressure measurement. Interfaces with Koncar Modbus Gateway for ready integration with existing back-office systems.

  • Wireless Pipeline Pressure Monitoring
  • Converts measured data in the current between 4 and 20 mA
  • Battery-powered
  • Two modes of operation: sleep and measure
  • Autonomy of several years

The KONČAR KONWPT is available now for pressure sensing a other remote IO applications.

GridSense TransformerIQ™

The scalable and cost-effective TransformerIQ™ brings substation monitoring and metering capabilities to distribution equipment.

  • Feeder Switch Fault Restoration
  • Distribution Transformer Health and Status
  • Small Power & Industrial Transformer Control
  • Comprehensive Substation Monitoring

Majella Global Technologies Insight Track

Majella Insight Track is a specially designed location/reporting system that provides real time visibility and knowledge tools for a variety of efficient terminal operations, as well as fleet asset planning, management and tracking applications. The unique MI Track system provides decision makers, analysts and operators with real time knowledge of the operating environment and long/short term asset utilization and trend information.

  • Secure, real-time operations
  • Low power consumption through increased battery life and utilization of existing power options
  • Unmatched range for rail yards or other shipping locations.
  • Maximized asset placement via enhanced decision-making through consistent ubiquitous user access and robust reporting
  • Cost efficiency – significantly improved operational visibility and value for operational dollar
  • Elimination of unnecessary Wi-Fi and cellular fees, reducing operational costs

On-Ramp Wireless Remote Monitoring Unit

Available pre-configured for Aviation Light Monitoring, the On-Ramp Wireless Total Reach Network RMU can also be configured to monitor generic electrical loads to provide RTU functionality over the Total Reach Network.

  • Reduces utility O&M costs and insurance liability
  • Lowers flight path mitigation costs
  • Full functionality at a fraction of the costs of competing solutions
  • Field tested in high EMF and EMI environments typical in transmission towers and substations (up to 500kV)
  • RMU is a flexible monitoring platform that can measure analog and digital signals from variety of sensors

The Total Reach Network RMU can be customized and deployed now for remote IO and general M2M applications.

Smart Utility

The next phase of smart grid will be much more than just smart metering. Grid automation, demand response, condition based maintenance, aviation light monitoring – the true vision of smart grid will include remote monitoring and control for all aspects of grid operations enabling greater visibility and efficiency. This vision is possible now with the only network designed from the ground up for wide-area machine-to-machine communication, the On-Ramp Wireless Total Reach Network.

Find out more about how On-Ramp Wireless is transforming Smart Utility operations.

Oil & Gas

Pipeline monitoring, pressure sensing, condition based maintenance, asset tracking – all aspects of Oil & Gas operations can benefit from greater instrumentation and visibility. The On-Ramp Wireless Total Reach Network has the reach, range and capacity to securely cover all field devices and ensure total visibility into operations.

Find out more about how On-Ramp Wireless is transforming Oil & Gas operations.

Connected By On-Ramp

On-Ramp Wireless is powering the M2M revolution by building and deploying wide-area wireless networks specifically for M2M. On-Ramp’s unique wireless solution – Total Reach Network – was designed from the ground-up for range, capacity and security. Integrating On-Ramp’s Total Reach Network capabilities enables broad distribution and new sales channels for your application.

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