Your Application – Connected by On-Ramp

Connecting the Internet of Things

On-Ramp Wireless is connecting the Internet of Things by delivering a low power, wide-area wireless network specifically designed for economically viable M2M communications. On-Ramp’s unique wireless communications system, based on our innovative RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology, delivers the range, capacity, and security not seen in other solutions. Integrating On-Ramp’s RPMA Network capabilities enables broad distribution and new sales channels for your application.

“Integrating with On-Ramp Wireless was straightforward, well supported, and opened up substantial new customer opportunities for our products.”
– Kevin Anderson, CTO, GridSense

Low power, wide-area M2M communication is transforming industries. Industry leaders are partnering with On-Ramp to build smart devices for utility, oil & gas, transportation, asset tracking, agriculture industries, and more.

The Connected by On-Ramp partner program enables rapid development and quick go-to-market for new devices and for new integration into existing devices. Download our developer documentation to get started building applications Connected by On-Ramp.

Reference Platform

On-Ramp Wireless offers the Reference Application Communication Module (rACM) development board as part of a kit designed to accelerate integration and time-to-market. The kit includes:

  • Freescale K20® based development board with ARM Cortex M4 processor, integrated On-Ramp Node, usb-to-serial cable and power supply
  • Hardware schematics and documentation
  • Sample end-device application software including reusable application framework and node interface code and libraries
  • Documentation for all code and libraries including a guide for porting to other hardware
  • An Access Point with OEM accessory kit
  • A VM-Ware® machine image containing all back-office and management software, including end-device provisioning and diagnostic tools

Please contact On-Ramp Wireless for information on ordering an On-Ramp reference kit and getting your device Connected by On-Ramp.
Engineering documentation is available for download. GET STARTED NOW >

Designed for M2M

The RPMA Network was designed to support millions of devices transmitting small amounts of data. The following are characteristics of applications which are well suited for integration with On-Ramp Wireless:

  1. Transmit from a few bytes to 30 KBs per day
  2. Can tolerate 30 seconds of latency on uplink data delivery
  3. Can tolerate a few minutes of latency on downlink data delivery
  4. Devices that are stationary or will be moving slowly

M2M applications that work within these constraints can take advantage of On-Ramp’s RPMA Network to achieve:

  1. Unmatched battery life
  2. Connectivity in challenging RF conditions including underground, remote back country or high background noise
  3. Deployment on any On-Ramp network across the globe with a single product using globally free spectrum

The On-Ramp RPMA Network has been designed from the ground up for wide-area M2M communication. GET STARTED NOW >